Dhen al Oudh

Dhen al Oudh

Swiss Arabian
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This refined fragrance from the world renowned fragrance house Swiss Arabian is composed of pure Oudh which yields earthy, woody and mildly sweet notes. The thick brown oil allows the user to truly experience one of the most exotic and sought after scents in the world. Dhen al Oudh is well known for its strong, thick and high quality fragrance and as this is a concentrated parfum oil (CPO) all you need is a few drops on and can last for days unlike other perfumes where you have to re-apply.      
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mysterious seductive earthy refinement

This oudh is amazing the orchestration of scents in it layers are so primal and distinctively masculine. For some it May need a slight softening. I combined it with egyptian musk to see how it wore. The end day dry out note was nice. On its on the top note I love the middle is somewhat darkly full of earthy Smokey. and animalistic aroma the oudh base somehow ties that into a very smooth andworking scent I love this oudh it works very well as a solid base to compose a new fragrance on as well


I received my package 2 days ago. WOW all I can say is this is amazing I could bath, sleep and slather myself continually in this stuff. This oudh is so sensual, smokey and warm. It is mysterious as the different layers begin to open I actually woke in the night smelling the scent still from the day before. It an amazing scent on its' own or could serve as outstanding base to work with in creating a new fragrance. What an amazing oil. Im so glad I found it and purchased it.


This oud is great for the price, better than most in the range of $20-$70 range. It starts off with a plastic like note that fades away after a few minutes. Next it becomes a light almost mint like note, with a light herbal note. It is never over powering and is a smooth oud. Good to use alone or to use as a base.

H. Auston
A True Blessing

I just recieved Dhen Al Ouhd in the mail today and I must say,this is a wonderful Oudh to use when praying or going out on the town.A must for all lovers of Oudh :).