Mukhallat al Emirates

Mukhallat al Emirates

Attar King
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Mukhallat Al Emirates is a very robust and opulent elixir. This is a scent that is brimming with crisp musks, but also gives the impression of being thick like molasses... like one is wading waist-deep through aromatic velvet-petalled roses. There is also a delicious note of oud-like incense beneath the floral heart that teleports the wearer to the colourful bustling souks and medinas of the East. This scent will win you over. This is the pure mukhallat with no fillers, so just a tiny dab is sufficient to last an entire day.    
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Fantastic middle eastern musk

This blend is one of the few I have encountered with rose that I as a man will wear. It is blended well with other ingredients so as not to be totally masculine or to feminine. It is a very nice musk with a smell that gets questioned often. I also blend it with a few other oils on occasion. If you like florals this musk is great

Mujahid G.
5 Stars

Mukhallat Emirates is one of my best oils I have

Amazing oil

This was everything I was hoping it would be. A beautifully well balanced fragrance. One of the few with rose that as a man I can tolerate or wear. I takes so very very little and lasts all day long.

Very nice

I enjoy this scent. Just a little goes a long way. Smooth and nose tinkling. If you enjoy mild, smooth spice in your scents give this a try. This scent is very similar to Mukhallath Al Haramain. This might be the same scent but different names. Would recommend for an adventuring nose. The price is good for sampling.