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Sandal Gold

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Sandal Gold has a deep, smooth, gentle, sweet and woody aroma. It is a soothing and lasting, yet strong and rich fragrance. The strong powerful sandalwood tones in this will leave your mind at ease and your body in a state of relaxation. Its aroma creates a meditative atmosphere and destroys negative energy. It is cooling and calming for both mind and body. Sandal Gold is considered an aphrodisiac and one of the most romantic fragrances around today.
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Taylor M.
Excellent Combination of Woodsy and Sweet Notes

This is my second favorite scent and it is very versatile. It is extremely strong and projects very well while having great longevity. A few drops of this will last all day. What I like about it is that while it is a very strong scent, it yet has a softness to it that makes it non-offensive in my perspective. It doesn't have an "in your face" type of projection but an extremely smooth one. Similar to another comment I gave, I could only give this product three stars because the customer service is not that spectacular. Processing and shipping times seem a bit sluggish to me.