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This potent fragrance will remind you of the crisp, resinous aroma of fallen leaves in autumn with a bit of smoke from a distant fire wafting through the treetops. Amber Absolute quite the powerhouse, you only need a couple of swipes to last the whole day.
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So Many Compliments

This a great scent. better for cooler weather. You will defiantly stand out.


Amber Absolute is yet another fragrance that I was familiar with prior to B.O.D. I initially came across this fragrance when I placed an order with another company & had some body oil shipped in from Kuwait. The only problem was the bottle was unlabled and here I have been for the last couple of months with this bottle of oil in my collection and I didn't know what the name of the scent was. I only learned recently that the scent that I had received all those months ago was Tom Ford's Amber Absolute. I learned this because I recently ordered Leather Blend and Agar Blend from the B.O.D. website and I received a free sample of Amber Absolute in addition to my order. My initial thoughts about Amber Absolute goes like this. Amber Absolute is a fragrance that is very sweet, smokey, thick, and syrupy. While I must admit I like this fragrance I will also say it is neither my favorite fragrance nor is it a fragrance that I would wear everyday. And while it is a nice fragrance I must also add the first thing that came to my mind the first time I wore Amber Absolute was I couldn't shake the thought of how much it reminded me of honey barbeque sauce. And while I have no plans to order Amber Absolute, it is nice fragrance and may make a nice addition to someone else's collection. Also, I must add the B.O.D. version of this oil is far superior to the one that I received from that other company.

Joseph (.
Smell like the orginal

A friend told me about this site and I'm glad they did. I own the actual fragrance which I purchase from Neiman Marcus some years back. I could no longer find it and I find it here smelling just like the original. Thanks Body Oil Depot!